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Photo Galleries
This section includes photographs of Gaston Gaudio and other tennis players. I would like to thank the effort and colaboration of Luna, Pablo, Lorena, Chris and Kili cause without them, all these photographs could not be gathered. =O)

If you would like to submit more pics, you know how to reach me. Thank you

Gaston Gaudio photo galleries
Gallery 1. This gallery contains a mix of Gaston photos from Davis Cup and other curiosities that my friends gave me.
Gallery 2. All the matches and reactions of the players on court in Buenos Aires during Argentina vs Germany DC tie (February 2003).
Gallery 3. More pictures from the DC match between Argentina and Germany. The best selection of images of the clean sweap over Germany.
Gallery 4 Here we present some other argentine players and former players.
Gallery 5. Special pics from the Buenos Aires Open (Copa AT&T 2003).
Gallery 6. On court photographs of Gaston Gaudio, including old and new ones.
Gallery 7. Pictures of Gaston Gaudio together with other players of the ATP.
Gallery 8. Pictures of Gaston from old ties of Davis Cup, specially from the years 2001 and 2002
Gallery 9. Davis Cup tie (quaterfinal 2003) between Argentina and Russia which took place in Buenos Aires. The players' previous days, press conference, training days, etc. All about Gaston Gaudio, Nalbandian, Arnold, Zabaleta, Safin, Youzhny and company.
Gallery 10. More pics from Arg - Rus, including celebrations!!!
Gallery 11. Pictures of Gaston in his free time when he's not after the yellow ball.
Gallery 12. Some old photos of Gaston from past ATP events.
Gallery 13. Pictures of Gaston playing the Bellsouth Open in Chile (February 2003).
Gallery 14. Pictures of Gaston playing all ATP events of the year 2003 so far.
Gallery 15. Exclusive snapshots of Gaston and his team mates during the Davis Cup matches against Russia in 2003.
Gallery 16. Photos of Gaston in previous tournaments. Copyrights: Tennis Photo Library.
Gallery 17. All the photos of Argentina in the thrilling and tight match against Spain for DC semifinals (2003). Enjoy them.
Gallery 18. Photos of Gaston during the tournaments of the second part of 2003.
Gallery 19. Photos of the players of La Legion Argentina in funny situations and of course Gaston is there.
Gallery 20. Tournaments 2004: Gaston in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.
Gallery 21. Tournaments 2004 (European TMS): Gaston in MonteCarlo, Rome and Hamburg.
Gallery 22. Tournaments 2004: Gaston in Estoril, Barcelona and World Team Cup.

Gallery index 1. Home index for galleries 1 to 8.
Gallery index 2. Home index for galleries 9 to 14.

Galleries of Roland Garros 2004. Photos of Gaston, the king of Roland Garros.

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