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This section is focused on Gaston's fashionable trends and looks
From the traditional coil, to the messy hair and the caribbean influence in those plaits, Gaston is always changing his hairstyle. Here we present evidence to back up our statements ;O).

Too much Guga influence in this pic? =O)

Chilling out after a good win over the australians in 2002. Nice hat btw !!!

The Mallorca Open champion of the 2002 edition. One of my favourite GG looks ;O)

Amazingly, huh? Gaston and Mariano wearing a suit in a DC formal dinner. You guys are still missing a neat tie...

After Miami 2003 (TMS) GG returned home like this.The plaits only lasted a few days.

Again Mariano next to GG and his cool fisherman's hat cheering for Argentina in a DC tie.

Barcelona 2003 look: Diadora clothing matching a 4-day beard...

Gaston in Buenos Aires this year. Back to the his copyright: the coil =O)

On court style from TMS Hamburg 2003.

If I missed any hairstyle, let me know ! xx

~ Melu 2003 ~